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Energy Meter Solution

Green Light Electronics offers the best quality and a complete range of Electricity Meters including Multi-Functional Single Phase and three Phase Meters, CT Operated Meters, ABT & Grid Meters, DT Meters,
Pre-payment Meters, Smart Meters, AMI, MADS etc. Single Phase electronic energy meter is designed to meter residential and small commercial energy consumers in distribution network.

meter-2The meter is designed to offer reliable energy measurement in single phase circuit and is highly suitable for metering and remote communication purposes. It comes with large display with a range of communication options for local and remote monitoring. The meter complies with national and international metering standards. It is a perfect combination of well-proven metering technology and state
of the art communication modems all integrated in single enclosure.

The intelligent features of detecting and recording different anomaly conditions and cover opening events make it ideal choice for revenue protection for distribution companies. Three-phase electricity
meters are used in residential and commercial metering applications. Smart three-phase electricity meters are a key part of implementing the smart grid.

These meters measure energy (active, reactive, apparent) and feature flash upgrade, connectivity and security features including tamper detection. The Poly-phase meter featured on this page meets IEC 0.5% 15/100 and 10(60) A specifications.